Sunday, May 13, 2018

And the resaults are in.

But not really.

When I did the first 6 of these Russian Horse Grenadiers, I asked if I should do 3 figure companies or expand the companies to twice the historic size to make each company 6 figure big.
I asked several places and in the end, it ended up about 50/50 maybe 55/45 to double sized companies. 
But since I kinda leaned toward 3 figure companies, I placed my 30% vote power and so that's how ut ended.

So now my Russians have a massive 12 horse grenadiers, that won't do against 54 Swedish, I do plan on one day finishing the entire Horse Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 40, that would be 30 strong.
But my next Russians will probably be regular dragoons.
But before that I need to finish Swedish infantry and Russian infantry and Artillery, I also got 6 Saxon dragoons and 12 Saxon Cuirassiers to finish.

In total, I have 123 infantry and 18 cavalry to paint, I also hope those damn new Swedish cavalry for warfare gets released soon.

I'm unsure what to put in the hands of the standard-bearer. apparently Horse grenadiers did not have standards.

The companies are from Moskovski, Vladimirski, Siberianski, and Smolenski. Moskow are totally white, so I tactically made them the command base, so I could add some gold, thereby cheating away from having all white uniforms.

I have no idea if Slomensk had blue horse blankets, but again, if in doubt I'll go with more colour. 

Right now I'm working on "project clean up" trying to finish my Russian and Swedish half done battalions. While I also plan on starting on a Russian Guard battalion and a Russian gun. 


Jason said...

Don't worry you'll have enough for a game in ten years!

Gunfreak said...

I technically have enough now.
4 swedish battalions
9 swedish squadrons.

5 saxon squadrons
2 saxon battalions
1 saxon gun

3 Danish squadrons
3 Danish battalions

2 Russian squadrons
3 Russian battalions.

Scheck said...

They are really looking great! Is it the 28mm scale? I am deeply impressed and so curious to see them in a battle.

Gunfreak said...

Thank you.

Yes 28mm from warfare miniatures.