Saturday, June 2, 2018

Palate cleanser

So I like doing early 18th Century artillery, you don't have to worry about making large batteries. So you can crank a small cannon and crew out in a day(I did this cannon and crew in about 4 hours yesterday, and another hour doing the basing today) The gunners have less gear then musketeers, so it's 70-80% of the job of a musketeer, so when you only got 3 to do, it goes fast.
My anti-Swedish coalition is starting to outgun the Swedes now.  A Saxon 12pdr, Russian 3pdr, and soon a Russain 1pdr)
I was unsure if I should do the metal yellow or black, it appears both styles were used by the Russians.  I'm starting work on my next 12 Saxon cuirassiers, this will bring my Saxon cavalry force up to 48, add to that 18 Danes and 12 Russians and the Anti-Swedes will have 78 cavalry. 

Also finished the first 6 of 22 for my first battalion of Semenovski Guards, I have all the figures needed for the full 3 battalion regiment.

 I'm very happy with this gun, I continued the technique I learned, with a think drybrush of earth, then a think drybrush of black ink, before a drybrush of bronze. I've used this technique several times now, but this time I nailed it. Even before I put on the bronze layer, the gun looked kinda bronze, so it was a very light drybrush of bronze used.


Phil said...

Wonderful gunners, love their uniforms...and your paint job!

Gunfreak said...

Thank you Phil.

Paul Robinson said...

Very nice indeed.

Gunfreak said...