Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Time Travel +500 years

Well I had to compromise my vision.

 My plan was to do 18 "skirmishers" and 24 MAAs. But my project had ground to a halt, and I felt I had to just finish the units, or I might not continue with the project. So, in the end, my skirmishes ended up with 12 and my MAAs ended up with 18.

The skirmishes worked out quite well when I put stuff on the base, but my MAAs should have had at least 4 more figures. They are to spaced out.

With my previously finished unit, my french "army" his a whopping 3 units.
 But I know from experience, that it's always harder to get a project going than continuing it. 4 finished units look so much better than 3, and 5 looks amazing next to 4. It's an exponential curve. I find it much easier to do more units for my GNW project which is now closing on 500 figures, then finishing my first TYW unit.

 Anyway, all figures are Claymore, the skirmish base, is a mix of crossbowmen and pavisers. (I started this base before Claymore released their paviser/crossbow teams)

 The MAAs base is well Claymore MAAs. the flags are temporary, simply printed out and fitted to removable tops, so I can change the loyalty of the unit. The flags should probably have been space out more in the back, and not been so close. Depending on what rules I use, and what the rules allow, the MAAs and "infantry" can either be separate units. Or combined into a "large" unit with the MAAs in front and the infantry at the back. In the end, my vision was compromised, but my hail mary did work and seeing 3 finished units, makes me want to do more.

Claymore has released several packs of infantry now(my infantry are pavisers with random handweapons.) I do hope Claymore will release some cavalry soon, as I've found no cavalry what fit with claymore(either in armor style or quality of casting)

The skirmishing base, worked out fine with logs and bushes.  
 While the basing did help the MAAs, they are still a bit too far spaced.

How a large unit would look like, with the MAAs at the front and infantry at the back. 
The ginormous French armada of 54 figures.
While 54 isn't a lot, this still means my HYW project is the 4th biggest I'm doing.
The first one by several country miles is GNW with somewhere between 450 and 500 figures.
Second is my SYW project with slightly less than 300.  
Closely followed by Napoleonics with some 200-250. 
And so my HYW project at 54 comes in at 4th.


Phil said...

Inspired work on the bases, shiedls, pavises...wonderful!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, Phil.