Sunday, September 13, 2020

Small Frenchies

 So I finally finished the Languedoc regiment for my 10mm WSS project. The first regiment of many I hope. The miniatures are the fantastic Van Dyck. I've finally gotten my hands on some of his allied figures. Enough I think to do 4 battalions. 

The first battalion has Maverick model flags, but some how I lost the flags for the 2nd battalion the year between paiting each battalion. So the 2nd battalion has just printed flag.

Each battalion of 41 strong for an 82 figure regiment, representing about 1000 men. or a ratio of 1:12.

I have a fake 3rd rank, consisting of  NCOs and drummers.

As I said they are fantastic figures, and the new allied ones are even better, the as one of the problems with the french figures is that the cross belt, particularly on the back would often be almost invisible. On these, the crossbelt is very clear and crisp in detail. No problem for the brush to pick it up.