Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Good, The Good and the OK

My first Western figs:
I got 12 Dixon Old west figs today and had to paint them up, I also got some paint, inks and washes from Scalecreep so I got a chance to test them out.

I painted two of them in blue jeans, while the other has a more of a high class feel to it, inspiered by the clothes worn by the Earp Brothers in Tombstone.

Here are all three, I did a lot of work shading them and I feel they turned out prety good, I'm quite satisfied with them, their faces aren't that good and I can't seem to get the hang of it. two of the figs have lots facial hair so it hides my shoddy work.

The Old style Spagetii westen in duster, I decided to give him a red west simply for the color and to test out the new brick red color I got to shade it.

The old worker, white shirt, blue jeans, with red undershirt.
The high class man, a well of Sherif or Marshal, or mabye a succesful gambler.
I like most of the work on this one except for the crap face. Looks like someone has shoot in min the face with a scattergun.
Because of the dark clothes I had to shade with black, but I think it turned out prety good.
All in all I think my painting has improved in a short time, I painted some French light infantry yesterday and they turned out ok to, I'll post pics of them when they are based and ready for the table

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