Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ships and Samurai

This is what I've been doing the last few days.
I built a French brig to fight my Britsh one, that I have already built some time ago.
Both ships are from Rod Langton, and I find they far superior to Old glory shipyard.
They are not easy to get to geather, it goes great up to when you start on the masts, it seems totaly random wether the superglue bites or not, some times it goes great, other times you have to try and try again and the glue realy don't want to work, this goes for the masts and the sails.

The Britsh Brig will is named HMS Raptor, it and it's crew will have many aventures on the sea.

In comes the samurai, they to are hard to get right, the armor is not easy to paint, and I realy havn't gotten the hang of it, they will be part of a small diorama I'm making.
The honoreble Samurai will make a last charge, only to be cut down by soldiers armed with Arquebus.
Next up I Will be building a westen town for my western game

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