Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Back

I havn't updated this blog for two and a half months, the reason is simply, havn't done much.
My table just had a buffalo chip town with some Wild west figs.
As I didn't paint I kinda got to lazy to do anything, I've been busy with saving up some money.

And this is what I saved up for, a original Colt 1851 Navy from 1856.
It fits both with my Western and ACW gaming.

I also decied to redo the table and put back my expencive terrein, the hard part was finding a good place for my buffalo chip buildings.
I do need more frences, I now have ALOT of snake fences, so I'll probebly buy some more standard stuff, so I can use it for my Napoleonic stuff to.

The table now has a small light woods, a big wheat field, some plowed field,s and some corn fields

I don't have that many ACW figs painted up, only 6 regiments, but I started work on the 7th today

This is the layout of the table as it stands now
I should be able to have a nice sized battle on it, I was planing on about 750 figs.


Author said...

Looks good man! Glad to see the pretty scenery back, it is AWFUL nice.

Very nice stuff!

Anonymous said...

It's all good work mate, however that Colt pistol is just ever so slightly out of scale...