Friday, May 22, 2009

Some table shots

I took off all my 15mm ACW stuff, and did a new layout, I also had some other terra firma 28mm hedges and trees.
The terrain boards also from terra firma is realy made for 15mm, but I feel it works fine with 28mm, when you get some 28mm scenics and trees ect.
The layout is a mix of the formentiod terra firma, the fences, both stone and wood aswell as the bridge are terrain guy. And some of the extra trees are from woodland scenics, glued to some cork tiles, as they can't stand on thier own.
My 4x6.5 table is a little small for 28mm, or it will be when all the figs are painted up and on it.
In the end there will be a total of 16 regiments, 3 regiments of horse, 4 cannon and 30 skimrishers. So it will be a little cramped, luckely the AWI battle is more a straight on attack, and not so many flank attacks. It's all about keeping control of the regimetns and not doing anything to fancy.
So it will work out, even if the table should be 1.5 feet longer and a feet wider. But the table takes up most of my apartment anyway.
All the figs are Perry AWI, I'm working from the guilford courthouse OOB in the back of British gernadier rules.
The flages are GMB.
The figs on the table are REALY basic, and don't look good at all, last time I've painted AWI figs was almost a year ago, and I'm not alot better at painting 28mm, even tho I'm still far from good enough by my own standards.
Hopefully by the time I paint the last regiment, they will look so much better then the first that I have to by new figs and repaint the first regimetns.

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