Thursday, May 28, 2009

3rd Virginia Militia

My second unit presentation, the 3rd virginia, I did them mabye a little to colorfull, I even have one guy in red, white and blue(he was realy patreotic) But I had done 3 two milita units in kinda drap hunting shirts, so these guys are a bit more festive. A mix of continental uniform, shirt sleves and hunting shirts. The officer, drummer and standard barer have uniforms but died in browns, and not the continental blue.
Thats It for new, in the next few days I'll post Tarleton's Legion cavalry.


6milphil said...

Nice work, spotted Mr Red White & Blue straight away. Being English he'd be the very first one I shot.

Gunfreak said...

Jupp, he's a brave brave man, but probebly a dead dead man