Saturday, May 23, 2009

Unit presentation and upgraded bases

Ok, my first unit presentation, I decided to do this as I'm fearly happy with these, my best AWI work so far, but still nothing like what you see on other blogs.
But still here it is.

This is the first Foot Guards as they were at Guilford Courthouse

I kinda regert buying so many marching figs, I think charging and fireing look better.
This was my last britsh regiment, so I just did it in marching posision, so now I have two British in marching, one i fireing line and one chargine.
I also had ALOT of US troopers in marching position, but I thought it would look silly just having so many in the position so I sold them, and now buy new in friering and charging position.

As you might see if your like the only one that acutaly reads this blog is that I've uped the quality and work behind my bases, my theory is that as my figs are very avarge looking, putting some more work on the bases can only be good.
Here you can see the old and new bases.
The old had a little work in them, glue sand, paint sand earth brown, glue some grass on.
Looks ok, better then some I've seen.
On the new it's slightly more work, glue sand, paint sand mid gray, dry brush white, dry brush brown, glue gass, glue stone.
Takes just a few minutes more, but i think it looks tones better.
Next unit up is 3rd virgina militia, that I will do REALY militia style, it will have a mix of continental uniforms, hunting shirts and soldiers in shirt sleves. Just to give it that realy half-assed feel of militia. That came and went during the southern campaign.


Greg Sapara said...

Great posting - your new basing style is very nice.

Good luck with the your future projects.


Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Stat tuned