Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More western, and scale comparesing

Ok this is a romeo 54mm bought from the pageso webshop the fig is in the same style as pegaso, in other words fantasic models.
This guy didn't turn out as good as the pegaso, I did the coat sand with black trimmings, didn't work out that well. I used kaki for shading the coat which I do think worked well.

The reason the model didn't turn out that well, was that I didn't get the bandolere right, or the other leather work for that mater, to much clutter and not enough skill to make it look good. The cartridges in the bandolere didn't look good, the leather it self didn't look good ect.
And as useual the face sucks, on the positive side the the pants turned out realy well, and the gun belt turned out ok

And finnaly a scale comparesment, from left to right, 15mm, 28mm, 50mm, 54mm and 70mm

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