Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wild Bill Hickok, sort of

Ok this Pegaso model is called gunslinger, but he has a striking reseblance to Wild Bill Hickok.
The picture of the model on the pegaso site has a realy nice striped pants, and I tried and tried to make it striped, but i just couldn't get it right, either the stripes got fat and ugly and wigely, or the paint dried on the tip of the brush before I could make a stripe.

Anyway the guy has a nice yellow vest, a light medium blue coat, lighter blue pants, his two colt navy revolvers with ivory grips.
The guy is very colorfull, mabye to colorfull, but I wanted the rich gunslinge feel, a guy with expencive colorfull clothes

And here are the three finished 54mm western figs I've painted
The bankrober is easly the best, Wild bill is a far second and the bounty killer on the right a clear third, but they are all sevral steps about anything els I've done

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