Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Death toll reaches 5000+

Ok, by current estimates, I have during the past two weeks orderd 5400 6mm figs for 3 projects.(1600 AWI, 2400 Napoleonic, 1400 7YW.) of which less then 350 have arived(of wich 304 are ready painted and based)

But that's not the bad news, the death toll might rise to over 7000 by tomorrow if I don't get any figs by then. This is becasue I'm eyeballing 1600ish ACW figs. So I'm basicly redoing all my previous gaming periods and projects only in 6mm)

Oh and the REALY bad new is that with 1 krone pr. fig if I buy the ACW figs I'll have used up ALL my taxretrun money and summer money. That WAS going to be used on guns.

So the revolution has to wait.

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