Wednesday, July 8, 2009

216 figures in one day

Jupp 216 figs, in 4 Battalions

Infact I've finished my first brigade(minus brigade commander)'
3 Milita battalions(realy two battalions, and a collection of county milita companies)
This is Eaton's North Carolnia Milita, I did them all in hunting shirts.

This is Warren county milita, I tried to give them a little uniformaty, mostly continental blue hunting shirts, mostly with tricornes but some slouch hats.
Not sure how historic it is to have such uniformatiy, but hey, I have to paint 17 milita battalion pluss another 10+ coys, so I have to do someting to make it intresting, can't have EVERY body in dull brown huntingshirts.

Franklin county milita battalion and a collection of loose coys made into a ad hoc battlion

Close up of Franklin county milita

But I do need some one to fight the ungreatfull rebs
So here comes the 71st Highlanders

And yes, I'm fully aware that they didn't have kilts for mest of the war and sertenly not by Gulidford, and when I did the same battle in 28mm I did the right thing and made them look like regular infantry of the southern theater.
But hey, it's 6mm and I have to paint 500 Britsh, and I found when doing brits in 28mm, it got very uniform and boring, and then I only had to paint 120 of them. So judge me if you want.

Total figs 216 figs, 144 Americans in three "battalions"
And 72 Britsh.

Now I'm working on a custom rule set, I have writen down some stuff I want, and I'm working on a morale/damige system.
Basicly each base is 80 solders(24 figs) This means there realy isn't a fig ratio. the base is 80 solders and you realy can have as few or many figs on them as you please. This is a bit abstracted, For two reasons. 1 80 figs is about twice what a real coy would have and you would ofcourse have more then 2-4 coys pr. battalion. So yes a bit abstracted, but it is to make handeling units easier, and to acount for loose coys like grenadier coys or light coys or rifle coys.
But hopefully it will work out, it is a compremise between coys of battlions and coys of single units like grendiers or rifles. Which is one of my main goals of the rules, to have single coys moving and intreacting with other units.
Anyway, this is what I did today. Started at 13:00 finsihed around 21:30 this is with lunch and dinner, and internet surfeing, so probebly only around 6 hours of realy painting, So about 1.5 minutes pr. fig.
I'm not that satisfied with the reb, not realy because of the speed of painting, but because I just couldn't get the straps right, the paint was to thing spilling out, the straps weren't smooth so you could't make lean lines on them.
The Highlanders truned out ok, the kilts were a little basic, I tried to drybrush blue over green but it just turned the kilts blue.


James said...

In your rule set will casualties/losses be represented by the stand or by the fig ?


Gunfreak said...

By unit

The loss is based on pre determend points.

Bad/regular Milita has only 2 ponts, good milita and regular contiental, as well as some loyalist tropps have 3, good continental and regular brits has 4 and elite britsh units have 5.

The number of bases don't play into it, a single big comapany may have 4 points, while a bad milita unit with 2 or 3 bases might only have 2.
This is because even with a 250 man battalion not all of them can shoot at that single company.
So it's more based on morale, good morale is allways better then bad even if you have only half the number of men.

BUT, when SHOOTING, bigger units get bonouses, single base units(loose copanies) get -1 on shooting, 2 base units get no + or - when shooting 3-5 base units get +1

So bigger units can pour more fire, but number of men dosn't automaticly mean you can take more punishmen.
This is to simulate that when it came to americans numbers didn't mean vitoy.

That said shooting is going to be inefective unless lucky or if you keep shooting a long time.

I'm not going to post the shooting table, but I can say getting that realy massive super effective volley is going to be hard.
Infact only 3-5 base units can get them as it requiers 7 on the dice roll that is 6 with +1.
Or 2 base unit if at very close range.
a 1 base unit can never deliver that volley.
But whne you get it, it will be VERY effective. infact one of those volley will automaticly scatter milita units with only 2 points, but the question is, do you want to stop and hope to get that dice roll, yes it's tecnacly a 1 in 6 change to get it(or 1 in 5 if you are a 3+ base unit at close range.)
But if you stop up to shoot, you might get into a long drawn out shooting match, which not only means you can lose the match, but your flank might get hold up, while your allies on the other flank more, so your forces gets separated.
This is a risk you take.

You can look at the first stuff I've writen down here

James said...

Interesting system. Less cumbersome than counting figures. Seems like condition effects for point loss due to fire attacks becomes an important component to making for a good game. From what I read, maybe have variable conditions when different types of units take the same point loss?
That way, when my elite troops get hit with a 1 pt loss they do something different than when my bad militia take a 1 pt. loss ? In other words, my elites need to take a 2 or 3 pt loss to be forced into similar circumstanceS as my bad militia at 1 pt loss.

Gunfreak said...

Well as it is now.
When you get to your half way point in number of ponits or above.
You retreat 100 yards straight back.

That means that a 2 point unit will retreat once it get's it first point, this means that a single good volley giving medium damige can send a milita unit back 100 yards.

While for a 3 and 4 point unit, you need 2 points before they retreat, once they get a 3rd point, the 3 point unit disbands, while the 4 point unit just retreats 200 yards back.

A 5 point unit will stand for a total of 3 points before retreatings.

This makes a 5 point unit extremely effective.

I will probebly make it so that 4 and 5 points units can't regain those 4-5 points.

While a 2 point unit can get back it's one point, and a 3 point can get back a total of 2 points, the 4 and 5 points unit can only get back points to 3.

So if a 5 point unit has been in realy heavy combat, fighting though sevral enemy units, and are down to 1 or 2 points, and a brigade commander gives back points, they can only give back up to 3, so they can't get back the onr or two extra points, this is to simulate that the unit will probbebly have lost alot of men, mabye even sevral officers, and can never get back that super cohechan

James said...

yep, there it is:

"half it maximum poits or above it reteats 100 yards straight back."

Your unit points sounds pretty close to being a morale assignment. Looking at your charge morale check, if you make a unit have to pass a MC by rolling equal to or lower than its pt. value, that nearly lines up with what you've got already, except for the elites not needing to take one.

Got any plans to work stand loss into the system?

Gunfreak said...

No, the unit keeps all it's bases unit it's taken of the field

James said...

Neat system. Sound like your trying not to bog it down with too much minutia and fig counting. You also have some interesting insights on the other forum regarding how open or closed formations would've been.


Gunfreak said...

Yeah thats the point.

I want you to be able to play with only.

2 sheets of paper to make notes, and keep track of points
2 tape mesuares
2 D6

I realy wanted all moral/fire/mele to be done with a single D6.
No horde of of 10+ D6

I've just finished the turn sequence, mele part, movement part fire part.

I'm going to run a small test just to see how things work,

James said...

Sounds like your working towards implementing a 2d6 into the combat effects table. That would be cool.

Also, I still think trying to work stand loss in would be "appropriate" and within thease of play you seem to be shooting for. For instance, a 4 stand elite unit after a hard couple of hours fighting, shouldn't be throwing out the same firepower that they started the fight with should they?


Gunfreak said...

Take a look at the first test game

For a whole base to be removed that would mean a total of 80 men dead or wounded.
Or 1/3rd I think that most units would break before that happens

James said...

Interesting system and a nice lookin' pick-up game.

So, you're trading 80 men d/w for 240 d/w ? You yourself said the complete destruction of the 71st was a little unhistorical :)


James said...

No offense intended by the above, Truls.

Why not solitaire a game of British Grenadier and post that ?


Gunfreak said...

No offence taken

But as I said the loss of one base would be 80 men, and if a battlion losses that many, it would be combat innefective and loose all cohechan.
And the milita regiment would run LONG before looseing that many.

So I'll stick with useing whole units for now