Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Some numbers for my AWI rules

Ok, here is a few Numbers from my rules

Single D6 pr. side
Mesuring tape

Company/Battalion or cavalry regiment
Each unit is from 1-5 bases big, each infantry base is roughly 80 men, and each cavalry base is roughly 50 men.
Each unit has from 2-5 point(not conected to number of bases)

Time span 1 turn ca. 10 minutes +-
Game time as many turns it needs

Ground scale 9cm/3.5" 100 Yards

Game sequence
Rate units(should be based on historic quality of the units)

2 points = bad milita
3 points = god milita regular continental
4 points basic german/british and good coninental
5 Points Elite units

Decide the first initiative
Though a D6

1-3 American side starts
4-6 Britsh side starts

Starting player Moves his units

Second initiative roll
1-3 American initiative
3-6 British initiative

Charge or Shoot



End of turn
Infantry movment 18cm pr. turn
Cavalry 30cm pr. turn
Artillery 12cm, limberd 4cm man hanhandeld

Fire ranges

Muskets ranges
Extreme range 15cm
Regular Range 10cm
Close range 5cm

Artillery Ranges
Regular range 65cm
Canister range 25cm

Fire modefiers muskets
-1 for single base units
-1 for extreme range
- 1 for heavy woods and if target is behind wooden frences
-2 if target is behind a stone wall

+1 for close range
+1 For units with 3 or more bases

Casualties from musket fire
Though a sinlge D6 and add or subtract modefiers
1. Negleteble casualties
2. light casualties
3. light casualties
4. Light causualties
5 Meduim Casualties
6. Meduim casualties
7. Extreme casualties

1: No points taken, no effect, no mater how many times a unit get this, it has no effect.
2-4: Only a few men hit, mabye no deaths, when a unit gets light casualties 3 times, they gain one point.
5-6: medium casualties, a unit that gets this will gain 1 point
7: gets 2 point

Damige Table
Long range
1-3 miss
4-6 Hit
Hit equals 1 point gained

Damige table for Canister
1-2 Miss
3-5 Medium casualties
6 Heavy casualties

Medium casualties equals 1 point gained
Heavy equals 2 point gained

Mele modefiers
+1 for cavalry

-1 for heavy woods
-1 attacks over fences and walls

Mele damige add modefiers and though a D6 each
Score diffrence of 1 loser takes 1 point
Score diffrence of 2-3 loser takes 2 points
Score diffrence of 4 or more loser takes 3 ponits

Ok, this is just the playsheet
I've left out all the exampels and longer descriptions, this is just to let people get a taste


Michael said...

I like the rules and think they have some great selling points.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, hopefully someone will give them a try when done. I think I'll have to add some formation options for the cav. simply because cav would be more forced to adapt to the terrain then infantry.
Probebly full line, deep line and column, with column giving movement bonouses on road(for those with bigger tables)