Wednesday, July 15, 2009

456 Napleonics in 4 days

Ok theise are all irregular, far from as well made or crisp as Baccus.
But you do get 6 to a strip on the same size as 4 on baccus.
Eventho I do love the baccus, they are spaced quite far away
So even you if you got many many of them you might not get the super massed feel.
For all it's faults you do get it with irregular, I'll be honest I have a hard time getting the same quality of a paint job as I do with baccus, but on mass the do look amazing, atleast I hope so when I get them based.
I've decided to paint ATLEAT one unit of nappy figs(24 infantry or 8 cav) each day until I get the bases from litko, which may take two or three weeks, they seem to have a lag as they got many many orders coming in each day.
But once the order has been sent, it usualy only take 3-4 days before I get them.
Anyway here they are 456 nappy figs, All made for möckern, well not realy möckern, more like most of the northern sector around leipzig on the 16th,
So one corps of prussians, a corps group of russians and two corps and an cavalry corps for the french.
Total figs, somewere around 4500, I do think I'll have to balance the forces out, the infantry is almost perfectly balanced in number of battalions atleast, same goes for guns, but the allies have twice or more the number of squadrons, so something has to be done with the cav.

Anyway here they are

456 figs, total of 19 battalions,

Russians, 216 figs, 9 battlions, one complete divison

168 French, 7 battalions or one brigade in the 8th divison

72 Prussians AKA 3 battlions

Sorry for the crap paintjob but they do look ok on mass


6milphil said...

Outstanding endeavour

Peeler said...

Good effort! Thats some painting in a short time.