Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Napoleonic Extravaganza

Ok, after two days of intencive baseing the first 802 figs are done(out of almost 5000 for the whole project)
This is the 7th Brigade(division) of Yorck Corps
8 Battaljons 3 cavalery regiments and 1 battery.

Russian 11th Division of VIII Corps
3 brigades of 3 battalions each

French Division, this one is big, almost the same size as the prussian and russians combined
2 Big brigades of 7 and 8 Battalions

Then all 3 divisions togeather, 32 battaljons(out of 171 I have to make)
3 batteries, 3 cav regiments

802 figs


Michael said...

Blimey that is impressive, will they all be ready for a game this year?

Gunfreak said...


I have to finish the prussian corps and a french corps and then I can game with them