Sunday, July 26, 2009

Unit presentation AWI

3rd Continental Dragoons
This is a combined unit, the real 3rd had only 84 men at GCH
So I added the two milita dragoons into it to, this isn't that unhistoric as I think the milita dragoons actualy fought with the 3rd. I painted them all as the 3rd for simplisity.
Paint to paint with white primer,

Total 35 figs or ca. 150 troopers

British Leigon Dragoons
Took me all yesterday to paint the 50 figs, primed black.
I even painted the black straps on the dark green jacket, even if there realy wasn't that much point in it.

They turned out better then the 3rd dragoons, simply becasue drak green is easier ot get good then all white.

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