Monday, August 24, 2009

AB Silisian Landwehr

Ok, tried a new(to me) style.
I think the resault came out quite well.
My best 15mm BY FAR

You can say this was practice, as I'm doing a 15mm side project bewteen all my 6mm stuff
Auerstadt with the polemos rules, each battalion will be 16 AB 15mm figs on a 60x30mm base.
What I'm going to use this battalion for I don't know.


Donogh said...

These look very good.
How did you find the switch up to 15mm after doing 6mm?

Gunfreak said...

Well I have painted 800ish 15 last year.

But they look crap compeard these.

What 6mm did for me was brush control, and suddenly the details on the 15mm figs looked realy big, and easy to paint.
It does take alot of time tho, these 36 figs took me all weekend, compeard to 300+ possible with 6mm

Andy McMaster said...

Those look rather good! How did you change your style?

Look forward to seeing more like them!


Gunfreak said...

The secret is not what you paint but what you don't paint.

What you leave black, has more effect then what you paint, I try to have a little black bewteen all colors.
These are the basic version of this style, I havn't even highlighted, something I will do next time

James said...

When they're primed in black, you don't have to worry about getting into all the crevices.. and they usually look better to boot. I cut my painting time probably by a third when I made the switch. Reb painting schemes and miniature line arrangement has been my hangup for the most part. My miniatures have lots of paint coats on them.

Nice work on the Landwehr.