Saturday, September 5, 2009

17th Ligne

Ok, the 1st Battalion of the 17th Line(ligne) regiment
16 figs on 60x30mm base, they were fun to paint, but didn't turn out quite was good as the landwehr, this is ofcourse that while the landwehr uniforms is among the simplest of the period, french line infantry is probebly one of the more complicated infantry uniforms, especaly the white on white in the chest. But they still look good(to me) and about 1000 times better then my old 15mm.

I need another 24 of those battalions before the french side is finished for my Aurestad Project.
The figs are expencive and while I enjoy painting them it will take a long time to finish.
I'm painting up some prussians now, and after that it's back to 6mm


James said...

They look sharp.

What size brush do you use for the shoulder straps? "0" "00" ?

Also, do you have a particular make of brush that you prefer ?


Gunfreak said...

I use Army painter insane detail

It's basicly a 00 or 000.
They work fine, but aren't very durable, infact non of the brushes I've tried are durable, so I just buy any cheap 000 expecting them to fall apart after a copel of months