Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before and After

Thought it would be fun to see how I last painted my 15mm and how I paint them now.

In the pic right below you can see how I painted 15mm French Napoleonics almost exactly 1 year ago.

And here you can see the ones I painted last week.

Now side by side, as you can see night and day.

Now granted the old ones are Fantassin and the new are AB
And the bases are better, so it might help the "illusion"
But I think most people will se there realy is a BIG diffrence.
Infact as it is now, I realy don't want to play with the old ones, I don't want them on my table, the simply look crummy.
But I won't though them out either, they will be a nice reminder of the early days of my painting.

Anyway this was a nice stroll down memory lane.


James said...

I detect more of a wash and fuzz effect in the older dudes.


Gunfreak said...

Actualy this are as basic as you can get them, even more basic then the 6mm I'm doing now.

No ink, no outline no nothing.
Infact when you see them in person, you see that the white trouser's aren't painted well enogh, and the black undercoat can be seen though

James said...

I actually think they look pretty good. The thin white pants kind of work. Just a dust off and some new paint here and there.

I tried basic with my ACW. That was about 5 layers ago. Now, they're still pretty basic, but a better painted basic I guess.