Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just some practice

Ok, I have orderd some 20mm WW2 figs.
But they are taking their sweet time getting here so I thought I practice on some 28m I had laying around.
After painting many AB figs(napoleonic) which have great and realistic anatomy, these guys are just to bulky with HUGE hands, I mean the fingers would ble like 8" long in real life if you scale up these figs, but they do have good detail.
I tried to go all out but still keep the detail subtile
The shirt has 3 types of green, Olive as the base color, army green to shade and outline stuff like the shirt pockets ect. then a lighter faded olive to highlight and give a worn look and the edges of the shirt. It's very subtile, the diffrences in the 3 colors are not that great and don't show up the well on the pics, but in real life I think it works very well.
The trousers and ammo belts are kaki with fades kaki to shade and outline, it can be seen very clearly on the ammo belt of the BAR gunner,.
I drybrushed some metal over the black parts of the weapons,
The lips of the solders are brik red, the skin is dwarf felsh, the helmet is army green with olive as highlights for the worn look.
They look quite good, but I feel the figs are to simple, not enogh gear ect.
Looking forward to painting the 20mm figs. From the pics I've seen they seem more realistic in propertions

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