Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got side tracked

My plan WAS to paint two more units of 6mm AWI then do a test game with my rules.
But I've had.... Well thats go back a few months(more like 10)
When plasic 28mm was the BIG thing.
I did order 2 boxes of victrix brits and two boxes of perry french from on military maters.
They were out and had to wait like 6 weeks before they got more, by that time I had other tings on my minde, but I had orderd so I felt I had to pay for them.
I got the boxes and didn't do anything with them.
I got them some time in february I think. But I han't realy any ide what to do with them.
I also a few weeks later realised my table is kinda to small for 28mm, which killed my want to paint them.

Then I jumped on the 6mm wagon and as a side effect I got ALOT better at painting thanks to brush control, and I got quite good at 15mm(as you can see on my blog)
Now we are up to date, I was supose to do 6mm this week, but those boxes of figs haunt me, they tease me. And I have been wanting to do a grand armee project(first with 6mm, then 15mm) So I decied to paint up some french, the problem was that I had runied lots of the french with some bad primer jobs, so I had only a few figs left of the first box(and found the second boxs only today) This means the unit got a weried mix of line, greandier and light infantry, kinda placed hither and dither.
Since It wa 28mm I decided to go for the full 3" bases with 16 figs in a nice square column.
I'm waiting for bases from litko so this cork sqaure will have to do.
Becasue of my table I'll do waterloo which defenetly had a VERY small battlefield for number of men involved, the Marks rules directory says the table should be 4X8, so I hope my 4x7 will do as waterloo(only the OOB will be used, the terrain with only be a generic atlantic europe type thing)
Hopefull most of my units can be done in plasic, with some metal to fill the ranks, hopefully 1815 prussians will come out in plastic to.
I can make 2 units with each plastic box, each box is safly under 200NOK which mean I can order a box not having to think about import taxes. the price of a 16 man unit of plastic perrys are less then 1/3 that of same quality metals.

Now to the figs.

Only command is a officer, some units will have other command, but most of my command got ruined in the primer incedent.

These guys are fully speced, 2-3 shades of color on each part,
I did shade the white trouser, but it dosn't show up very well, but trust me I did do the job.

I real rag tag unit, Napoleonic Rebs

The blue might be to bright, the paint did say dark blue, but it's not very dark, but that means it easier to shade, I got a great dark blue that I use to shade and works great

I still can't see the shade on the white trousers, but on the brown it should be seeble, it subtile but should show up on the pic.
The eyes still stuck, this time I only painted a white dot, didn't try to do something over my skill.

Anyway thats one unit down, not sure how many I need for waterloo, I got the companion book, so I should be able to find out number of brigades.
I division is probebly only 2-3 brigades but it will be tight, I do hope I can do a game in the GW shop down town, they got a nice big table.
Anyway I have no ide when this will be done,
I got this project, 4 6mm projects 1 15mm project, and sevral dead/sleeping projects

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