Saturday, October 31, 2009

Perry plastic as Legere

Ok this will be a brigade that I painted up as legere.
They turned out quite well apart from the faces, blue is a forgiving color to work with, even if the worn patches were a little to light.

This will be the second infantry division at waterloo

32 figs isn't much of a division in other rules, but this is something like 5200 men in real numbers, French divisions are fast to paint as they are normaly only two brigades

It takes me two days to do one 16 fig brigade
Next up is The british 5th division, love old Picton but never gotten to paint his divison in the peninsular so I thought I'd start with his this time.
Will start work on it tomorrow, takes quite some time putting those victrix and have been doing so over the last few days. the are in attack formation and the bases are HUGE on them so I doubt I can get 16 figs on the bases even after I cut some of the bases down.
But will see.

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