Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Working on the table

This is fun. Now for over a year my table has been the lovely terrian tiles from terra firma.
I love it, and I've used it for 28mm, 15mm and even 6mm, you only need a few extra pices of terrain or scenics and it looks great, but now for my 40mm project, I wanted to make this realy lush american country side.
I got took out my old terrain guy mat and have started to heavly fock it, to be honest I don't know how I'm going to package it togeather when I'm finished, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now I'm just trying make a good looking table, using cheap means(still cost me something like a $150 in material) But thats a hell of a lot less that what I've already spent of terrain and or figs.
Most of this stuff will be from Tree Frog tressurs, it caters mostly to diorma stuff, but has some great stuff from woodland scenics and other makers of stuff. I'll also get some stuff from one of my favorite terrain dealers Battlefield terrain concepts, this will be 2 wheat fields, 2 long grass fields. and lots of fences.

As I havn't posted pics the last few times, I'll post some pics of my WIP table.

Pic of the road, it's simply green flock on the sides and brown flock in the middle, turned out quite well, but this road will be destroyed the first time I try and roll the mat up, I have used scenic cement to keep most of it, in place

A pic of the stream, it is actualy a 6mm river, but works very well as a stream for 40 or 28mm.
I'll flock the sides to make the stream blend into the table

Here you can se more of the road and some scatterd lichen

A stone wall I've made of, well stone.
Workring on Mark II version of the wall, to look more half assed, and less morterd.

Another pic of the wall, again with flock to to blend it.

This is were the fields are going to be when I get them from BTC.

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