Sunday, November 22, 2009

It will never end.

I wasn't planing on buying any 40mm figs from Front Rank as they are 50% more expencive then Sash and Saber. But to hell with it I orderd one unit of Fusiliers, and yes I know they didn't actualy use the fur cap in north america, but as I'm kinda doing the myth of the AWI, with 1768 warrent uniforms ect. I might as well have furcaped fusliers ect.

I'm doing the strict historic uniforms for my 28mm perry AWI project, and as the 40mm AWI models don't have the southern cut dress I realy don't have much choice.

Infact it might be fun, after painting 200 perry awi, I did come to the conclution it was kinda boring, the british all had the same cut tail jackets, round hats ect. all the british units looked more or less the same.

Anyway I will TRY and not buy anymore 40mm figs untill the trident hessain musketeers come out or I have painted all the figs I've orderd now.

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