Wednesday, December 9, 2009

23rd Regiment of Foot finished

Minus the flags.

I'm very happy with these guys, the only the 3rd units that I'm realy happy with, the others beeing my latest AB 15mm Napoleoincs.

They look quite impressive with all 24 figs, they take up 20cm frontage, so I can't have that many units on the table, I'm thinking 4 British units, and 6 american, with some light infantry units, one american unit will be a full 30 figs or 450 milita, the rest will be 18 or 24 figs.
Or bewteen 270 and 360 soldiers and milita men.
I'm also thinking of 4 cannon, 2 each, with 1 6pder and 1 3pdr on each side.
The OOB will be a mix, the british will have the commanders from Guildford courthouse, with 3 regimetns from the same battle, the 23rd, 33rd and von bose, but with stats closer to Nothern theater, and not the southern, For the american side i'm not sure, I was thinking 1st maryland contenetntals as the one elite unit of the americans, then another continental unit, mabye a New York or Delaware regiments, the rest will be milita.
Anyway to the pics.


Giles said...

Very nicely done. I particularly like the natural look of the shading on the white smallclothes.

Bets wishes


Gunfreak said...

Oh, praise(if you can call it that) from Giles him self,

Thank you sir!

Yes I do like the shading my self, as I've said, I never got the hang white/gray shading