Saturday, January 2, 2010

WIP Maryland

This will be the 1st Maryland, and therefor the one elite unit of the american side. this one should be able to stand up to most of the british unit if not all of them, it will only have 270 men, so it has to be used lighly, and not in the first line, lets the milita tire the brits then send in these guys, they will be brigaded with 2nd maryland, and while the 2nd is not as elite it will have more men, and it will be alot better then milita, togeather this brigadce should give the brits some trouble if used right. Anyway over to the pics

This is the 1st base out of 3. one guy got a long rifle just to not make the unit totaly uniform.

Out for a walk with the dog with out the dog.

They look ok, but I feel they are not up to the fusiliers standard, but they are easier to paint, the blue is easy to cover unlike red. And they are not uniform like the fusiliers that had 21 figs that were totaly the same, just in these 6 you had 4 diffrent figs, togeather with the separte heads it looks good, this is still one of my best jobs, but not quite as good as the fusiliers, they might have been a one time super thing.

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