Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st Virginia Militia

Well this was kinda a fauilure, this was supose a full 30 fig unit,
But they were just so damn damn damn boring to paint.
After two and a half weeks, I had only done 2 bases worth of figs, and the 3rd was half done, I then orderd a fireing squad, and had guns pointed at me, to force my self to finish the 3rd.
After that I gave up, and based and finished the unit, I'm still planing on doing the last two bases, but I just couldn't do it now.

This will be the first of two virginia milita units, as I paint OOB for the american side becomes clearer,
I'll have one Maryland brigade, with 1st and 2nd maryland contiental, this will be the elite brigade of the american side.
Then I'll have a virgina milita brigade with 1st and 3rd virginia milita.
And then a New York/pensylvania brgade with more milita.

I did this unit in all hunting shirts, it will be the only one to be dressed like it.
I did 3 diffrent colors, white, grayish white and browngray.
Colors that might be close to natural linen

Again I did the whites with a base of bone unther it, the gray had a medium gray under it and light gray under it, the brown is actualy horse tone dun, with some gray to shade.

Anyway I finaly got my order from Sash and Saber, after 1 month 22 days, thats a long long time, they realy need to find a better way to package their stuff, so far I havn't found any broken guns, but there has been a few close ones, and it's pure luck that 10 or 20 of them havnæt been broken.
Anyway stay tuned to see a British mounted officer that I might put up on the blog today

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