Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2nd Maryland and maryland brigade

This one will be picture heavy.
First up is the 2nd maryland in the historic correct brown coats faced red(I think)
This was my first unit of sash and saber and after doing 3 units of front rank they were quite diffrent, while front rank is the Perry or AB of 40mm AWI, while S&S is Old Glory, they actualy look alot like S&S 28mm figs, same herroic anatomy and possison, but I shouldn't be to hard on them as I think is was one of the very very first figs in 40mm by S&S, but even other figs like British or militia are far far from Front Rank, just to use one exampel, on FR british you can actualy paint the lace, by that I mean you can paint just the lace and leave a little of the faceing color in the middel, while on S&S the lace is just a bump to paint. Thats said, they do paint up nicely and look good on mass.

Here they are, most of them in brown regimental coats, and a few in hunsting shirts, there do have some weried anatomical odities, and very very animated faces.
As you can see, on mass the look good, but as you get closer and closer the diffrence in quality is quite evident.
And I realy have to think hard if I want to buy more, 40mm is expencive, and I just don't want a big 28mm, I want something that justifies the expence, FR does that, so far S&S dos not.
I have orderd some hessains from trident and will teste them out when they get here,
Then I have to wait for highlanders in kilt from either trident or FR.
But that still leaves 2 units of militia, that I either have to get from trident or S&S,

Next up is the maryland brigade, 1st and 2nd maryland, blue and brown coats both faced red.
They are command by Mordecai Gist and will be the elite backbone of the american army, after the british has tired them self out with the milita, they'll have to fight these guys, or they might be sent to a flank that needs some muscles.

In total 43 figs with command, only 5 more brigades to go.

Thats it, next unit and brigade up is the British brigade under Webster, with the 33rd and 23rd regiments of foot


Mark Dudley said...


I am painting some AWI 40mm myself. I have mostly S+S and some FR. The Fr are nicer and more detailed. The S+S continentals are not as good as other figures in there range.

I am basing my collection on the Southern Campaign and I have done the 1st Maryland (S+S)and some militia (FR)types so far.

I have another 80 figures to paint before getting any more.


Gunfreak said...

I decided not to do southern, as I allready do it with 6mm and 28mm.

Instead I'm doing a fictius battle or campaign based on New York/New Jersey campaing, mostly becasue non of the 40mm figs have the southern dress.

Second it gives me a chance to do somewhat bigger battalions, even at 1:15 a 240 man unit isn't that big so now my smallest are 280man battalions are 18 fig strong.

But it's not 100% reality based, so some stuff are taken from southern OOBs