Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lasalle Virus is spreading

Well Now I've gone and done it, I orderd Lasalle and have started to buy AB 15mm Napoleoincs.
I feel my 15mm Now look decent, and my first love was after all 15mm Napoleoincs.
So I'm going oldschool with new rules, I will also use the figs with Carnage and glory 2.

As the game is tactical division sized game I'll build my self two divsions, one french and only mainly russian with prussian suport, it will be from the 1805-1807 period.

The french Force will be Morands Division From the 3rd corps.
I will also add 3 cavalry regimetns in suport, 1 hussar, one dragoon and one curassier.

The russian is harder to pin down, I want it to be atleast based on a real corps from the period, then add one brigade of prussians(just two battalions)
Again the cav suport will be light, medium and heavh, the heavy will be a unit of prussian kuriassirs, not sure about the medium(uhlan or dragoons) and a light(thinking hussar here to)

Now I have learned that the french battalions will be BIG battalions 6 of them actualy should have 6 bases in propper number of troops, I'm still now sure how much "better" a 6 base unit is compeard to a 4 base unit, so it's hard to balance the forces.
Either I just have to drop the 6 bases thing or as someone said upgrade the quality of the troops instead.
Or I can give the russians more battalions or batteries, as I said with out knowing that is good or bad in the rules it's hard to balance.

Anyway Useing AB the whole thing should cost about $850 PLUSS SHIPPING, which isn't that cheap from australia.
Anyway I'm realy looking forward to this, I've bought enough figs for a good 8 battalions pluss the unit of kuirassirs.

As I said, 15mm Napoleoincs were my first love, it was the first thing I bought when I started wargaming in late 07. I've come a long way since then, and it's only right I should go back to it.
Tactical Napoloeinc rules was also the first type of rules I bought so againt it's full circle thingy.

Anyway stay tuned, I expect the figs to show up next week


Other Dave said...

Good luck with your project! If you're looking for some unsolicited advice it's to have a big picture (so that your project has an 'ending') but to keep things manageable at first, you don't want to blow the better part of a grand and then burn out.

We've been playing Lasalle for a couple months now and it's a pretty good game!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, edvice is always wellcome.

Yes, I have now orders about 260 figures, and won't order anymore until I've painted them all, by that time, if I know my self right I'll jump to another project for some time, then get back to this after some time.

LittleArmies said...

I see you are ordering the AB figures from Eureka in Australia - couldn't you buy them from Fighting 15's in England, and save on some postage?