Sunday, February 21, 2010

One of the few true computer wargames

Now I played computer strategi games LONG before I stated with true wargaming.
Very few computer games can be call true wargames, they are often way to arcade, have nothing in commen with miniature wargames, even risk becomes more realistic then most games you find on the computer,
I therefor devide games into computer strategi games, and wargames, strategi games are age of empires, total war, command and conquare.
Now games that are close to real wargames are sid meiers gettysburg ect.
But only resently have computer games come close to miniature wargames.
I nominate Take Command, 1st bull run and take command 2nd manassas, and latest is Histwar.

Histwar lets you play full Napoleoinc battles, in real time, 10 historical battles with historical maps are included. Now the games realy centers around army command, in single player you play as commander in chief, most often as army commander, you control the battle by sending order to corps, the 3 basic orders are Deploy on line(attack order) diverson on line(fake attack) defend on line(defend) But through many variables and mixes of commands and time delays, the game gets quite deep, easy to learn VERY hard to master.
Now it lets you play as army commander, but though the magic of computers, the game isn't as abstracted as a army level miniature game, instead of units beeing brigades, but in this game you get to see single battalions, you also get to see stuff like battalion guns ect.

Now each army is limited to 100 units, so in battles like wargram were you have more then 100 battalions pr. side the unit is a regiment or even a brigade, but you still see the singel battalions,
The ai handles all the small things, like how to deploy a regimetn, which battalions should be in reserve ect. Now the game is 1:10 scale, so realy big regimetns can have 300 model soldiers, the artillery is 1:1 so you get to see EVERYSIGNLE gun, that means in battles with 700 guns pr. side, you get to see 1400 guns.
The battlefields have rivers, fields, town, villages, farms and even castles. town ect. can be take over and made into strong points, same with big farms, you also have diffrent kids of woods, roads, lakes, marshes ect. all have effects on the gameplay
Maps are from 6sqkm to 650sqkm.

Now the game also comes with 3 editors, OOB, map and doctrine
Doctrine deal with how your army reacts, you can customise your armies, to suit your gameplay, while stil keeping it it historic.

OOB editor is REALY fun, you can make armies for corps sized stuff to huge 200 000 strong thats over 20 000 models pr. SIDE or 40 000 on both sides.
You make your armies by selection regiments and batteries ect. make it from battalion level and up, make your divisions and corps. untill you have made an army, to keep armies in balance the game has set certain values to certian units, old guard regimetns are worth more then milita ect.
Before making an OOB, you decide the max value the army can have or CEH, it's from 50CEH which is about a corps of 30 000 with 20-30 guns, to 300CEH which is as I said is up to 200 000 soldiers and and many 100s of guns.
It's very fun, but takes some time to do for the big ones, but the OOBs are saved and you can use them for ever and ever, there is also nothing stopping you from mixing and matching OOBs.
So you can have a battle were Napoleon with his Austerlitz army fights the Russian army at Eylau on the battlefield of Borodino or Wagram ect.

The map editor lets you make your own maps or let the computer make a random one for you.

Anyway here are some pics.

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