Saturday, March 13, 2010

Halfway there

Well not realy, but when doing big projects you kinda half to divde them into smaller parts.
I've now finished 4 out of 8 battalions on the french I need, now realy the Lasalle armybuilder says you only need 6 battalions, but the french will be the first attacker, so I need 8 battalions.
So I'm half finished, WITH french infantry. for the complete french force mabye 40%, for the total french and russian mabye as little 28%

Anyway to the pics, two french line and two french legere, all 4 are just reated as vetran infantry, I just like the look of the legere so I added two battalion, two other battalions yet to be painted are going to be in the all white french line uniform of 1806, and the last two as the same blue and white as "normal infantry"

All 4 units look prety good, the legere look a little better, but non look as good as my russians.

Like the massed effect

Lots of spikey bayonets


Michael C said...

Gotta say, those are lookin' good!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, yes I think they look quite good, both on mass and as single units

Shane Devries said...

fantastic mate, your army's are building rapidly now.