Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greatest conspiracy theory EVAHHH!!!!

Ok, this is BIG it has been going on for almost 250 years, and here's how it started.

In the early 1770s A few evil geniuses in north america came up with the greatest conspiracy EVER.

The baited England to go to war with North America, they knew france would help the colonies, they also knew it would almost bacrupts france, they also knew that would lead to a revolution and that one man would take over france and try and conquare Europe, In the mean while these evil genisues were called the founding fathers of the United States of America.

They knew france would crush Prussia, but also that prussia would rise again sparking rampid nationalism that would lead to a unified germany under an Kaizer, they knew this would lead to WW1 and that Germany would loose and have to sign a humiliating peace. this would lead to one german(realy austrian) man taking over germany using the humiliation of WW1 as a ploy, they knew this man would start WW2(thats right America realy stated WW2 and Hitler was just a pawn) They did this becasue they knew europe would almost be destroyed, leaving the USA to become a super power, they knew the world would be divided in comunist(yes they knew about that allready in the 18c) and Capitalist, they aslo knew that communism would fall in Russia.
But one problem happend, the space race this was a problem becasue on the dark side of the moon, a facility houseing the frozen bodies of the founding fathers was hidden, they fathers lay in cryogentic hybrenation waiting for the right time to come back.
But they couldn't let anybody descover the facility, so they had to fake the moon landing.
But USA were infact the first to land on the moon, but not in 1969, but in 1787, when they started to build the facility, one by one as the founding fathers "died" they were placed in this facility.
Now they only wait for the right time to come back, namly 2012, in that year all the founding fathers will come down from the moon and enter the presidentaial election, now some of them have served two terms but the others havn't and one of them will of course win, Palin and Obama dosn't stand a chance.
When one of them win, and enters office they will take out a hidden part of the constitution saying if any of the founding fathers become president in 2013 they will automaticly become dictators of the country for the rest of his life,
A day after entering office he will reveal the antidote for ageing, which mean that who ever becomes president will rule the country for milenia. Their time of retrun was also before China become a superpower, becasue a week after taking office the president declares war on the world and take it over in days.

And the conspiracy is complete, world domination 250 years in the making.

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War Minister Crittumbo said...

I like this one! It's just wacky enough to be true.