Saturday, March 27, 2010

The manliest troopers in the russian army

Pink is as everybody know so cool that only the toughest and manliest soldiers could wear it.
The troopers would be the envy of all who looked upon them.

Thise are the moscov dragoons, I was planing on doing the st. petersburg dragoons, but they needed yellow buttons and I was to lazy to paint them as yellow covers realy bad, so they got white buttons instead, probebly saved me 2 minutes of my life.

They deffenatly look better then the hussars simply because the uniforms were simpler.
It's a big 18 fig unit, and I need another one and I'm done with the russian cav.
Most horses are black(highlighted with dark grey) and a few chestnut brown.

Here they are out just walking there horses looking at the nice buds on the trees during spring.

Some hussars charge them in the butt, oh noes!!
The two hardest parts of the paint job(well 3)
1. the gold on thier helments
2. getting the right shade of pink
3. getting the black horses to look good(at which I failed quite well at)

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