Monday, May 3, 2010

Long time, no post

Sorry for the long pause in posting, it's becasue I actualy havn't done anything, I lost steam and havn't gotten it back, I have a unit of primed russian greandiers but so far the need to paint them havn't grabed me. The good news is that I havn't spent any more money of figs. the bad new is that have still don't have any money, why? Well instead of spending all my money on figs I now spend it on booze and bills, or booze isn't the right word, the word is, high end single malt whisky. Ok that was 5 words.
I had to pay bills for a course I tok, so that was 3000kr right out of the bank, AND I had long ago orderd stuff from Doug over at Battlefield terrain concepts. So that was another 1400kr out of the bank and I still havn't pick up the stuff I orderd.

So what can you expect the coming weeks? A big picture heavy update with all the stuff from BTC, I hope to have finished the russian grenadiers by then, the post will show a few 100 figs on the table from my Lasalle/CGII force.
I do have sevral more figs to paint, two units of french line infantry, another unit of russian greandiers, lots of artillery, and a unit of french chessurs.
I will try and paint them all before spending more money on figs.

So I hope to have a big post with in two weeks of figs and table.

PS. Take a look at my whisky blog over at Whiskynoob

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