Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip to the armed forces museum, part. 3 dioramas.

Well dioramas have a special place for us Wargamers
This museums have some nice ones, not fantastic I'm amazed ect. but some nice ones, infact one that stuck in my mind for years.

This is the battle of narvik,

This is a skirmish, were the norwegians managed to force the germans back,

This is a 1:1 diorama, a norwegian road block

Germans coming up.

Norwegians ready with a MG

This one have stuck with me for YEARS, I remember it cleary from when I was a small child, and I used to gang out in the museum.
Here the Blücher a German heavy cruiser, get hit by two torpedoes, this is after it got hit with everygun we had, from artillery to AA guns. I watched a documentary when one of the AA flack guns penitrated a bulkhead, and exploded in the middel of room, it tore dozens of germans to pieces.

Here after good long while it finnaly sucombs to the heavy fire and torpedoes about a 1000 germans died, and it slowed the invasion of Oslo enough for the Goverment and royal family go escape, setting up a goverment in exile in London.

This one I liked, good terrain, Mid 19th century stuff.

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