Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip to the armed forces museum, part. 2 GUNS!

I musket from the first half of the 18th century, can be seen by the wooden ramrod.

A matchlock Arquebus from the renesance,

These are one of those big Arquebus's that had to be mounted on a carrige, half way gun, half way cannon, the stange thing is that one of them have a flint lock, which is kinda out of place, I would think that the use of these had disaperd long before the flint lock was invented and used on a big scale, I smell a refit, someone up a more modern lock on a old gun, like they fit perccusion caps on old flint lock muskets.

Ok, not a "Gun" but this is one of the small medieval parts of the museum,

Flinklock guns

Back to the skiiking, we had skiing jëgers(jegere)
You se a jeger rifle, with a big baker rifle type sword bayonet.

Another jeger rifle fron early 19th century.

Musket from latter half if 18th century seen by the metal ramrod.

Blunderbuss. a funny thing about norwegians, they don't know the diffrence between a musket and blunderbus, becasue in norwegian they sould kinda the same, musket vs muskedunder.
Most people call all old guns for muskedunder, not knowing there is anything called a musket.

Kammerlader a norwegian form of breachloader, Norway was one of the first to adopt these "modern" weapons, I think as early as 1840s, so when most troops in the ACW used muzzle loading rifled muskets, we had breachloaders, ofcourse it's much easier to supply a 30 000 stong army, then a 200 000 strong army.

Now for the modern stuff, there is quite a large WW2 exibit,
This is a aircraft mounted Browing .30 cal

German Spandau Machingun WW1 era

Vickers MG

One of my favorites, the Bren Gun

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