Sunday, June 13, 2010

French and british

Go togeather in perfect harmony

Here's a unit I don't realy know what to do with, they are french perry plastic, and therefor Bardin dressed, and this does not fit with my big "buy everything" project which is peninsula based.

I used the same bone under white shading technic I used on the 40mm AWI.
I like the effect,

What I'm gonna do with them I don't know, I just felt like painting 28mm, I had two boxes of perry french that had been striped of most thier stuff, but I got 23 figs out of the left overs,

And here are the Highlanders, cowardly hideing behind a stone wall,

They are guarding the kichin.

Ground level veiw

This is Blog post 98, I hope that in blog post 100, I'll have lots of nice figures to show of.


James said...

What ground cover is that? Is that a blanket or a specialty item? Where would one get one of those?


Gunfreak said...

A terrainguy mat, with glued on flock roads, then sprinkelt with diffrent flocks bought from woodland scenics

James said...

Looks heavy, but like it readily contours, etc...