Friday, June 11, 2010

Real men wear skirts

No seriously I think kilts are the most manly grament EVER, sadly not beeing skotish I have no excuse to get one, my only option which I want to do but can't aford is to reenact a highlander, which would rock beyond coolness

Anyway the last 8 did not turn out well, I hope they kinda blend into the rest that looks better, the glue had gotten around and ruined some of detail, especaly the straps, and as I had run out of of marching pose figs I had to use advance, and that means the arms and muskets get in the way of the straps and make the whole thing harder to paint, also the arms didn't turn out right either.
Now I can't finish the damn unit until I get the flank companies. Which might be some time to.

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