Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ok, this is 40!!! russian cuirassiers on a base, as you can see, it's just to many, the base looks crowded, so next time I'll scale back to 25-30 figs.

The base consist of to big regiments, one with black and orange saddel cloth, and one with blue and white. Both trumpeters are on grey horses while the rest are on chestnut.

All 3 bases done so far, one french infantry, one russian infantry and one russian heavy cav.


James said...

Your ability to churn them out Truls is truly depressing.

James said...

The fields look good with that range, BTW.

It's not an apartment, it's a factory.

Gunfreak said...

Well, I don't realy do adler justice tho, those damn cords on the hats are realy had to get right, in the end I give up on them and just do it fast and wrong, I simply don't have the brush control to get it the way I want it.

James said...

What I do is, I change the brush. And if that brush doesn't work, then I go out and buy a bunch of brushes that I think might work. And if I drive home after shelling out $10 for brushes and $10 for gas and the brushes still don't work, then I get pissed off. All I know is someone painted those damn cords the right way or else they wouldn't have put the damn things on in the first place.

And the reason why is, about 15 years ago--after buying this game called Johnny Reb--I did it fast and wrong and I was still slow and I only played one game of Johnny Reb b/c of it. Now the way I see it is, at least this time I'll still be slow, but at least I'll get the miniatures right. Or at least I will have put enough time into painting them that I'll never want to re-paint them again, like I'm doing now.