Friday, June 4, 2010

More russians

Well I'm drugged and dopy, I got some painkillers from my grandma that was to strong for me, so I've spent the last 4 hours just listeing to music on youtube and feeling kinda dopy and high.
I knew I had a bunch of french cuirassiers to start to paint and a russian base to finish, but I just sat there.
I finnaly foced my self out of the high and finished the base.

another 87 russians on a 3" square.

I'm trying to make each base slightly uniqe, I know with over a 100 bases to do many bases are going to look the same, but I'm trying.

So on this base I have a front battalion in line, bayonets ready. while the back battalion is in the prosses of moivng from column to line

As you can see from the top down pic, the back companies are moving to the flanks to make a line. I'm not even sure thats how you change from column to line, but it makes the base come alive.

And here are both infantry bases togeather, thats a 174 figs.

As you can see those two bases are quite diffrent

Here are all the ruskies, two infantry brigades and a brigade of kuirassiers

And here the french have joined them,

A total of 284 figs on 6" square

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