Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New project?

Now there are two things that stop me from doing 28mm, my table and the fact that I can't seen to get them right, now it looks like I can game a regual division vs dvision battle even in 28mm, I'll be limited to 10-12 units per side. but aperantly even so small a battle can be fun.
The second part, I don't know about, so here goes, if people think there are remotly ok, I might do it, the plan is to buy the bulk of the figs finished from reinforcement by post. First 7 units, then anoter 7 later, that leaves 6 to 10 units to do, since reinforcment only have ready painted infantry, I'll do some special units, like these highlanders, mabye a battalion of rifes, french legere, artillery and cavalry my hope is to do this quick and finnaly have a finished gameable force.

Anyway, much if this depends on your reaction to the figs I paint, I can't have the nice RBP figs next to butt ugly figs painted by me. ingnore the faces i just can't seem to paint them.


ColCampbell50 said...

Except for what I perceive as "glaringly blue eyes," your Highlanders look very well done!


Ubique said...

Hi Gunfreak,
The figures look good to me. Regarding the eyes I would not try to paint them; I simply use a technical pen (a Mitsubishi 0.05 unipin fine line) to give the impression of an eye. It’s far easier that way.


James said...

For three days work I think they're remotely ok.


Gunfreak said...

I didn't spend 3 days on them.
It was a random event, after paitning 6mm for a long time, I felt like something bigger and those finished painted 28mm figs from RBP looked damn good. and I had this box laying around for half a year or so, late tuesday I tok out the box, that was still in the carboard pachage I picked up at the post. and started to asemble them that eveing, and then started to prime them before I went to bed, and started to paint on wednestay,