Wednesday, July 21, 2010

POST 100!!!

Well I did plan on my 100 post to include 7 new units painted by Reinforcement by post, but it apears that the worlds post and customs people have banded to geather to make my life missrable, apeantly lead figures are on the terrorism watch list and some smart fucker at Dhaka,
confiscated it or something, so Now it's going back to Neil and there is no telling when they show up, I tried to wait, but it might be many weeks still, so here is blog post 100, but fear not, there is quite alot of new stuff to show off, I have not sat in my ass since last time. Here goes.

One of my pet pives are commander, never liked to paint them, mabye becasue they never looks as good as they should, mabye because I don't get a nice big massed unit.
But I decided to go for it this time, realy do some work and push the limits of my skills. So here goes.

Reconise him? Stapleton Cotton, now in my division alot of generals have been demoted, so this poor guy that realy was commander of Wellingtons cavalry forces, is not just in command of a cavalry brigade.

I realy put alot of effort on this guy, while I normaly stick to two layers, I used him to experment, the horse which usuly only get a main color and and shade, here got highlights to.

The man himself got highlights to, something I normaly don't do, the highlights were aplied by drybrush, and ofcrouse it got is usual shading. This is going to be the standard from now on, as I think it worked out quite well.
So for now he has to accept to only command a light cav brigade, this is the first unit, the 14th light dragoon, I got another dragoon unit in the works, and the brigade will grow with a hussar unit later on, some day I'll make a heavy brigade to and then Cotten all chap will get to be overall commader, but for now, he'll be a lowly Brigader

And here he is with his only unit so far.

Here's the french Nemesis of Cotten, the french Cav brigader

Very genericly painted, just blue white and gold, same 3 level of color on the horse and general.

Here's his first unit, a regiment the 13th of dragoons.
They turned out quite well, tho the all pink trumpeter is a bit iffy. he didn't turn out as well as the rest.

I wasn't sure if I should show these, they suck, quite frankly ALOT, did not know how to paint 28mm hussars, it was learn as I go, not that the last were much better then the first, I could have choosen an easier unit to paint, the yellow on green and red is not easy,

The general with his brigade, it will be expanded with another hussar regiment at some time.
On to the infantry, the first of two legere battalions, expencive to make as I need 3 boxes of victrix french to make one unit of legere.

And I finnaly finished the 42nd highlanders, 32 man strong

And finnaly another general that has been demoted, THis time William(Bill to his friends) Beresford, his poor man dosn't even have a brigade to command as I havn't painted any Portuguise yet.(the first ones are in the post somewere) in the end he'll command a brigade of 4 portuguise battalions.

I spent a supriseing amount of time on his hair, which is weird since he has very little, I don't even know if the color is right, it looked redish brown in painting, but it might have been just brown, but I have him a nice shade of redish brown, infact the little hair he has has 5 levels of paint, mostly reds and organges.

The lace, is drybrushed black, becasue that was what it looked like on other figs of him, I would have guess gold, I thought all generals had gold, but aperantly not.

So Thats what I've been doing the last 3-4 weeks, on a side note I ALMOST bought an army deal from Foundry, which I'm moraly againt since they are prices at redicules prices.
So I have to Wait for the 20% sales that they aperantly do every now and then.
BUT just to stop the munchies I bought a single battalion of russians in greatcoats,
Well thats all I have to show for now, I got another 7 generals to paint, and 12 light dragoons.
And then sometime I'll get those portuguise, but I only get enough for one unit. so I have to order more, then I have to paint the second legere unit. and then all I have to do is order another 7 units from RBP, and paint some artillery stuff. And that should be that, two gamable forces. Then I can spend the next 20 years painting and painting and never finish another project, and just paint as I feel.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

I think youve done a excellent job on these and congrats on your 100th post.

Gunfreak said...

Thank you