Friday, July 23, 2010

WIP portuguese line infantry and venting

Well this was a mixed bag, first I had to wait for quite some time, when I got the package from Victrix one of the blisters of portuguese had spilled out, 6 of the 8 figures had broken bayonets.
Of the other 28, another 6 had broken bayonets, and one more fell of painting, and two almost felll of, and I doubt they will survice the first game, and there is still 8 unpainted, so the total of lost bayonets might still rise, the figs were wholey underprotected, the 8 figs are simply plasced in a tooth paste package, which means the figs are just thrown hither and dither. When I get figs from frontrank they are very well packaged, no chance of needles broken parts.
So that was the first disapointment, the second was that the figs just didn't look that good, the victrix plastic are so sharpe so well detailed, these just seemed like generic mid level metal figs.

BUT as I painted them, I got to apritiate them, there is ALOT of variation, I don't think I got to of the same figs when I painted the first 8, they paint up VERY nicely, even with my modest skills, very animated, very fluid movment in the sculpts.
Now I need to paint another 8 to finish this unit, then I need 3 more units of 24, to do my portuguese brigade. After that I only need to paint 1 unit of light dragoons, 1 unit of legere and two batteries of artillery, and finnaly the last of the generals, and I can game my figs. atleast enough to test games. I also have to do skirmishes, which I hate, be cause I paint figs, and they don't give the massed effekt, and I don't get a unit. But I have to do it. Luckely it's only 4 figs for a 32 fig unit, and less for 24 units. But I still need to paint like 80 more figs for the skirmish stuff.

Here's the first 2 of 3 of bases, I might actualy have painted a fantasy unit, becasue I'm not sure they should have the red cuffs, but yellow,

This is the first unit I tried my new drybrush thing on, a light dry brush with a slightly lighter blue then the uniform, did the same in red on the sashes.

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War Minister Crittumbo said...

The blue and red look good.
Sorry to hear about the bayos though.
I haven't done enough of the new plastics yet to have come up with any ideas on how to repair them.