Saturday, August 14, 2010

Portugese version 2, WIP

Now ther are some conflicting sources, some show them in white trousers others in blue, at first I thought they had blue before 1810 and white after, but then I saw pictures of all blue uniforms with the late period shako.
So I don't know, therefor I decided one regiment will be all blue, the other blue and white.

So here's the first base of the other regiment, which I guess is the 6th regiment, from what I've learned, this while my all blue boys had all red pipeing and facings, these got red pipeing and yellow facings, the yellow is a bit of, it's supose to be a very pale yellow white, while my yellow is more golden.

Now the problem with this painting is the white, I now tried to use very light gray to shade, but it didn't turn out that well, it doesn't give a 3d effect at all, it just looks like paint on paint.
So I'm still looking for the right shade of gray or other colors to shade my white, which is a must before I start on austrians.

The 9th regiment next to the 6th.

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