Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forces so far

Someone asked for more close ups, so here they are:

I finished another battalion of portugeuse, it took quite some time.
I still got another battalion primed and ready but I don't realy feel like painting them. But now I only have 3 more units to paint.

The half brigade, need two more battalions

Beresford with this portugeuse.

This will be my elite brigade, with the 42nd and 88th making up the "elite" parts.

Who els should lead this brigade then Daddy Hill

Cotton and his cavalry brigade

French Artillery

French Cavalry Brigade under command of Jean Baptiste Theodore Viallanes

Half of the elite brigade of the french, under command of Bonnet d'Honnières
As I said I now only have 3 more units to paint, but I'm in no hurry, as the first order from RBP still havn't arived and it's a good long while unitl the second order goes though, so I got plenty of time.
Not sure what will be up on this blog next, mabye my order from RPB or mabye a little suprise