Saturday, August 7, 2010

Russians part Deux

Okey, this is what I've done during my house/dog sitting period
I still need to do the grenadiers, so in the end it's gonna be a big 40 man unit.

As some of you might have seen, they have all gotten black gaitors, as that is apreantly the right thing for the winter uniform, kinda hard to do for those that were allready based so only the first rank got black gaitors, hopefulle it won't be notised.

There has been some change in plans, I was planing on making the russians into a sort of horde thing, with one brigade having a full 6 battalions of 40 stong.
I have since learned that the russian battalions were quite understrenght, so the 10 40 stong units has become 11 24 stong and 1 40 stong.
Also I was planing on buying 5 foundry units, and then 5 RBP units, but this to has changed, all my units will be foundry and I'll paint them all my self,
Also togeather with the more realistic understrenght battalion, the divisional structure will be more realistic, the division will be two infantry brigades of 4 battalions each, and a jeger brigade of 4 battalions.
ALL the regular infantry will be in greatcoats, while the jegers will be in full uniforms.
There will be one diffrence from the britsh/french and thats the russians will start with batteries, to give them a little more firepower.

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Rafael Pardo said...

The Russian officier looks very smart, as the rest of the men. Keep the good work and thanks for sharing