Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best figs so far

My very best figs made, in any scale so far. Not much diffrent done, just some simple stuff.
1. found the pefect brown/brown shade, it's subtle, but looks realy good, especaly in person,
2. simply painted the knots on the braid on the shako one by noe, give definition and looks so great.
3. Better faces, tho stil far from perfect, and ugly as hell up close, they do look good at medium distance, much closer then the standard 3 feet distance, only realy up close do you see the uglyness.
As most of you will see right away, these are perry sculpted foundry, and they are probebly top 3 best figures in the foundry catalog, might even be perrys best work, atleast in napoleoincs, so much charaters, lots of poses, give a nice flowing feel, not static tin solder look at all.
Now the evil Foundry regimental packs, don't come with grenadiers, so I have to order them on the side, so each unit will be 40 stong, with a full 8 grenadiers on their own base, so if I want to make a 32 stong unit for a random game, I only have to remove a regular base, and tada, 32 unit base.

So while I finish up the french/british thing, I'll buy one of those army deals from foundry(when the 20% sale comes along) and some spear grenadiers, I have alleady bought grenadiers for this unit, and a battery, so with the army deal, that acounts to 5 40 man battalions in great coats, 2 batteries of 12pdr(man those are expencive at foundry) 2 regimens of hussars, and some skirmishes and generals. THEN I buy 5 more battalions ready painted from Neil also 40 stong.
That in the end gives me 10 battalions, 2 regiments of hussars, and 2 batteries, that should go well against my french force, that I hope to finish long before i finish the russians.

My ready painted figs from Neil are still AWOL, last I heard they were now on the FBI most wanted list, and INTERPOL is hunting them down, dead or alive.
So who knows when I'll get them, but Neils on it.

Anyway here they are the best figs I've done so far in any scale.
The only realy bad part on them is the white shade, there the gaitors trousers just aren't baggy enough for the bone shade to fit in, a light gray would suit it better, but I still havn't found a grey I like to shade with, they are either to light and dosn't so up, unless you use a electron microscop, or it's to dark and it looks like paint(which is kinda what the bone looks like now) the bone works realy well on britsh and french baggy trousers, were you have deep folds, on these spandex type things not so much. So that's deffenatly something I'll look into for the next battalion.

Togeather with the figs I got foundry expert flesh, you get a wooping 6 diffrent flesh colors,
I tried to use them all, but that turned out very badly, I tried to first paint all the skin in the darkest flesh and build on that, but the darkest flesh is just to dark,
So what I did was use the darkest flesh(called shade) on the hands, I then use the second darkest on the face and over the hands, leaving the darkest shade between the fingers, this works much better then trying to put ink between the fingers.
I then build on the face, from the second darkest, if there is a very deep grove in the face it gets some of the shade flesh, but I only realy use it for 1 thing on the face, and thats the lower lips. it works wonders, I used to use brick red, but this shade flesh on the lips works great. The faces have improved 50% from the last figs I painted.

Well thats it. I've very happy with them, not price winning stuff, but a marked improvment over my last batch, which is always I good thing.
And before you say "but gunfreak those are very simple figures, most of them have simply a brown coat, that's not true napoleoinc uniforms, you cheated"
Well in miniature painting, there are no rules, you can cheat, steal, and murder.