Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue coats

Well it's slow painting, finished a small unit of Union infantry, just 13 strong but took a day and a half to paint, mostly becasue I'm sick, started with headache yesterday, then my sinuses got clogged up and I got a fever, and sore chest, finnaly the fever broke and I finished the figs, now the fever is comming back and it's time to get a little nap, the big problem was that I should have had a test in math at school today, so I hope I can take it tomorrow or friday. It did not help that today is the first true fall day, it's cold and raw, I had to put on a sweater for the first time since May.

Well here they are, I think I've found a good mix of skyblue and something called high elf blue for the trousers, the jackets are royal blue, it's the exact same blue I use on french napoleoinc coats, and portugese and prussians, my use it for all dark blue uniforms, it's still light enough that realy realy dark blue can shade it, and it does take highlights very well(not used on these).

The big headache for these is ofcourse the black straps on dark blue coats, in the end, I went with dark gray highlights, some times you can see the straps some times not, depending on how the light is.

I have also rememberd I acutaly bought couldn't hit an elephant, and redownlaoaded it from TfL

I can use my basing for both guns at gettysburg and CHAE, and probebly JRIII, Guns of gettysburg muses 1:20, so a 18 strong unit would be 360, While the same in CHAE would be 450, and in JRIII 540, thats quite a big diffrence, if we go for the realy big units, lets say 28 figures strong, it would be just be 560 in GaG, 700 in CHEA and 840 in JRIII, now you are probebly not gonna see many regiments bigger then 840, that means, that while playing CHEA, the biggest unit is gonna be 700, and in GaG the biggest is gonna be a puny 560, it also means that in GaG and CHEA many unit will be quilte small from 250 to 400 would probebly be the norm, ofcourse all units will be understrenght and proprtionaly the same, so it shouldn't effect gameplay exept the battles in GaG is gonna be about 17 000, the same units same battle in CHEA 21 250 and in JRIII 25 500, now this is not a problem 17 000 is actualy three divisions in size for a standar GaG game, CHEA and JRIII are both division up to corps so there is no problem there either. 25 000+ is acualy a good sized battle,

Thats the new Bluecoats,

And here's just some table shots, I put up with my old ACW force, that is now quite ugly compeard to my new stuff, they aren't as bad as my old Napoleoincs, but not that good either.

Now for me when you do a Napoleoinc battle, the ratio is 75-80% figure 20-25% terrain, that dosn't mean you should just use some old plain felt met with carboard roads on them, you should put in effort I allways try to do a good a table as possible, but in ACW, the ratio is atleast 50/50, mabye even 60/40 in the terrains favor, doing a ACW battle with out superb and lush terrain is a non event, Now I need more frences, and alot more trees, I'm gonna make a few woods, a few more fields ect. A ACW table should be busy. no PLAIN green felt, now you can start with green felt, put stuff under it to rise the terrain up(don't put loose hills ontop of the table, either have it buildt into the boards, or put someting under the felt to rise the felt up, check out lord ashrams table in the links on the side,
The point is that the figures and table should blend, when you got a line of rebs in fireing possioned behind a french you should buy the illusion that you got a regiment of infantry dug in behind the french ready to pour lead into your advancing blue coats.

Atleast that's my feeling, hopefully the pics I've posted show what I mean.

Also if you got Empire total war you must try the mod called the blue and the gray, it's one of the best mods I've seen in any game, the maps are sevral times bigger then the normal ones, each regiment got 400 soldiers, so when I play a big battle I get 25000+ soldiers on the battlefield.
But the realy good thing about the mod is the sounds, oh my the sounds the sound of 800 rifled muskets going of is quite eath shattering, or the high pitch noise of cannon going of, I don't think I've ever heard better battle sounds in any game, and this is a free mod, how they got that sound quality I do not know.
So if you got Empire total war, go get the mod, if you don't have Empire get it, then get the mod, the mod alone is worth the price of the orignal Empire total war.


James said...

Like the look of those Yanks. Nice table top.

Do Terrain Guy mats take to making hills well?

How do you play full grown wheatfields and cornfields for mov't and combat ?

Also, do you play hill crests as minus DRM to fire attacks? If so, how would you identify where the crest is?

Gunfreak said...

I've never had big enough hill crests to have conciderd it a gameplay issue.

Terrien guy make hills to I think, but for my terrain boards I order from terra frima, makes good but expencive stuff.

The weatfiled I concider rough terrain for cavalry, and they can not charge in it, from reading about the wheatfields at waterloo, the wheat was actualy 180cm high, that higher then most soldiers of the time, I think it would be hard for cavalry to move though them at high speed. I also cocider it inpassible to artillery and for rules that limit line og sight, I usualy make firedistance for musket max the minimun range, so if the minimum range is 10cm, then that's max in fields, if the minimum is 5cm then that's max, it means that if infantry run into eachother in the field, there firefight will be short range and bloody.

Cornfield I would also give a -1 fire effect or light cover bouns for all inside the field